About Alan’s History Spot

Hi There and welcome to my blog on local and family history.

STOP – Don’t click away just yet, give me a chance to let you know what I will be writing about and if it’s not to your liking thanks for at least stopping by.

My name is Alan and used to work at my local library in the history unit.

Blogger-Alan Harrison
Enjoying the sun at Alan’s Spot

Now, if there was one thing I learnt during my time there is, that in the right hands, you can really make history mind-numbing and tedious.

So rather than write blogs solely about some building or other and provide a fascinating series of “interesting facts” I thought it would be more fun to write about and show you things that people see but don’t always understand.

Most of the blogs will focus on Liverpool and the surrounding area, with the occasional piece from further afield.


Please feel free to comment, make suggestions and leave any questions you may have.