Operation Starfish.

During World War 2 a strategy was developed, code named “Starfish,” the intention of which was to lure enemy bombers away from strategic locations in the United Kingdom.

Liverpool, and in particular the docks, were one of the locations identified. Fourteen sites were identified around Liverpool, including a place called Cabin Hill, just behind Range High School, Formby, Merseyside.

The deception was achieved by an array of decoy lights along the coast which gave the impression to enemy bombers of being over the docks.

As bombs were dropped oil fires would be started in order to simulate explosions.

The below building was used to control the lights and explosions.

Control Cabin

The operation would appear to have been reasonably successful, bombs having been dropped onto the sand dunes and beach.

I have been fortunate to receive a letter from a soldier who served at this site and have scanned the pages for you to read.


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