Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

A comprehensive and informative account of the Metropolitan Cathedral by ellem63

Lesley M Dawson

Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral at twilight. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

I first saw Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on the t.v. programme, Salvage Hunters, (aired on 14th September, 2016 on Quest Channel) when Drew and Tee were invited to visit.  The Dean showed them round the cathedral and took them down to the crypt to look over some no longer needed items that Drew might want to buy.  I was only mildly  interested in the pair of rare chairs that Drew acquired, but the cathedral blew me away and, at that time, I never thought it possible that I would soon be visiting it for myself. When I went to Liverpool earlier this year, the Metropolitan Cathedral was the first place I made for.

Cathedral5 Looking towards the altar in the Sanctuary. 

As I entered the Cathedral, the sight that met me far exceeded my expectations (photographs don’t do it justice) and I wasn’t prepared for…

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